iPhone X Battery are Two With Two Logic Boards

iPhone X Battery are Two With Two Logic Boards

I’m here to show the unknown secret about the iPhone X battery to you guys. It is very clear to everybody that the iFixit disassembly use to point up the internal of the flagship devices. You will discover all the flagship device’s secrets that arrive at the market. On the other hand, it has recently disassembled it to show all the hidden secrets inside the iPhone X device. Inside the device, you’ll see some amazing hidden secrets.

iPhone X battery Hidden Secrets Revealed

The iFixit dis-assemblies normally show the interior of the flagship devices to the users that arrive at the market to discover all its secrets. In the midst of the discarding of the new flagship Apple device, the standard has disassembled the device to find out all the hidden secrets in the iPhone X. You will several surprises.

The disassembly of the Apple iPhone X that presently made the people from iFixit make public how the technology giant Apple has from top to bottom transformed the insides of the device, finding out new customs to take account of more features within its slim body.

The first amazing we have is finding 2 batteries cells inside the iPhone X. That seems to be the first time in history of a phone in the Cupertino. The combination of the two batteries have capacity of 2716mAh. It is just a bit larger than the capacity of iPhone 8 plus which has 2691 mAh.

iPhone X Has Two Batteries And Two Logic Boards

iFixit declares that the dual-cell battery design of the iPhone X is capable of saving space than shifting battery capacity. This design will give room to using “creative shapes and locations”, why? It’s simply to let Apple phones to take better advantage of the left over space.

With this kind of first time system, one should not look forward to miracles in the battery of the iPhone X to happen. The reason is that, other forms of the brand will not proceeding more than a day. At the time of analysis of other components, it is experienced that the motherboard is 70% (percentage) of the size of the iPhone 8+. Not only that, other amazing fact is that, this is the first board with the double battery in an apple iPhone.

More details about the interior of the iPhone X

The disassemblies of the iPhone X of iFixit furthermore divulge the sensors that reveal Face identity. And again, the present of new structure of identification that put back the Touch ID on the iPhone X device. Also, a fill light is also embedding on the device screen, which put infrared light on the user’s face. The frontage camera will now confirms the face and an IR point projector on the far exact side of the apple iPhone X projects. Also, present of the matrix of points on the face, as well as creating a 3D map. In conclusion, the IR camera in the left side of the screen authenticates the map and sends the matching info to the iPhone X device.

iFixit observes that the VDT and battery maintenance remain a main concern in the design of the device. A vintage screen can be reinstated with no removing any of the biometric components of the Face ID. Yes, the team warns the users that, if the rear glass is unfortunately broken, it is necessary to disassemble every component and replace the entire chassis.

Is the device easy to repair?

The iPhone X device has a fix index of 60/100, being more easily said than done to repair other large phones such as Google Pixel XL got 70. Other flagships of the Apple, iPhone 8, also obtain 60. Among the positive summits stands out the effortlessness of shifting the battery or screen, while in the most negative characteristic, we have the existence of other elements to waterproof the iPhone X which cause difficulties to certain repairs, at the cost of protecting the device from water.


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