Blogger Recognition Award Received by Mavicare

Blogger Recognition Award Received

Many thanks is due to my creator for His immeasurable mercies upon me, without his graces nothing would possible. Though this may seem nothing to great bloggers, but my happiness is indeed incalculable for gradually becoming a recognized blogger. Mavicare Technology just received an award known as ‘Blogger Recognition Award’. 

I’m using this medium to appreciate these two certified bloggers; Mary Osadolor of Maryo-Signature and Stacy Kendi of for nominating my website for this award. Mary nominated Mavicare technology’s for Blogger Recognition Award two months ago and fortunately nominated again by Stacy Kendi this month. Thank you so much guys for this nomination!

Honestly, nominating me for the blogger recognition award is a surprise and seems as if I’m in a dream. Why? It’s simply because this blog is just some months old. This is the major reason behind not putting this into writing since Mary Osadolor nominated me for the first time. I later realize that, this truly happened to me in real life after I received the second nomination from Stacy Kendi.

What is Blogger Recognition Award?

I think I need to describe what the Blogger Recognition Award is all about. Yeah! This award – Blogger Recognition Award is a prize giving to recognized bloggers through certified bloggers that appreciate the dedication, effort, hard work and measureless amount of minutes spending on unique contents. Mind you, there is no actual winner for Blogger Recognition Award, but, the award is yours once you’re nominated and the nomination accepted. Now that I didn’t reject it, my nominees for the award have been confirmed and I will soon unveil their names and the links to their blog in this post.

Brief History on How my blog started

Writing seems to be my leisure pursuit since I was a kid, I decisively extend my writings to a larger audience, why? It’s just because I wanted to impact knowledge to the world. Honestly, I was introduced into blogging through a friend who attended a seminar based on blogging. His introduction made blogging interested to me since one can share his knowledge to the world through it. I started with a (.blogspot) , and later upgrade it to a custom domain, though, I was thought for a while about which niche is to be specialize on between health and technology. I later proceed with the health niche, that’s the reason behind purchasing a domain known as

Mavicare journey so far

I later customized my site title to Mavicare Technology for a reason best known to me. And I have been posting tech contents since then. You want to know the reason? You can ask me if you curious to know about it.I started without gaining any audience attention except for my friends and siblings. I seem to be the only follower of my blog then. Is that not funny enough?! But now, Mavicare is growing, and fortunately gaining audience from almost all the continents around the world through SEO course, and mentoring from great bloggers in person of Bolaji Hammed, Kareem Tobiloba, Jalil Mehar, to mention but few.

Advice for Newbie Bloggers

Though, I’m still a newbie and a day-in-day-out learner, but, I think I can still advice fellow bloggers base on what I have learnt so far. My advices for you are as follow:

Be a blogger by passion, don’t be a blogger by money

Though, there is nothing bad in blogging because of money, but be a blogger because of your passion and caring towards human benefits is very important. Why? People will like to read your articles once it’s unique and very helpful. You will get a large audience by doing this unlike a blogger because of money only. You can also receive money from writing reviews for companies once you have a great blog. Some bloggers by money left blogging once they place an ads on their website and the ads disabled.

Avoid imitation, discover yourself to be yourself

Find your own style and don’t be afraid to try new things. Make sure you stand out, don’t imitate the blogs that look alike and sound the same. You can think about another niche to go for. Go for the one you can fluently give an accurate answer to once your visitor ask.

Be preparing yourself against any challenges you may face

Prepare for the amount of efforts that go into operating a blog. What I mean is that, all the work goes into operating your blog easily behind the scenes. Try to promote your contents on various social media, do keyword research, and all the SEO contents..

Schedule your writing time

Blogging is not just writing a post in a month, though it depends on your niche. Find out how much time you can commend to writing, and commit to it. Doing this, will help you stick to updating your site at a right time and as planned.

Interact with other bloggers

 It’s very important to connect and join other bloggers around the world. As a newbie blogger, it will definitely be of great profit to join fellow bloggers’ communities on social media. Your connection will help you a lot in growing your blog and getting answer to any difficulty you may encounter. You’ll be able to learn from those who are into blogging for a long time.

My Nominees for Blogger Recognition Award

I have had the opportunity to check some incredible articles and posts by some awe-inspiring bloggers. How I wish I could nominate all of them for blogger recognition award! But unfortunately can’t do. Below is the list of my nominees for the award and the links to their websites;

  1. Guruz Tech                        
  2. Techy Mania                      
  3. WBT (Wp-Blogger Tricks) 
  4. Reviewnet                         
  5. Naira Master                     
  6. 9ja Trendzone                  
  7. Kay Loaded                      
  8. Techy Zone                       
  9. Tomzy Tech                      
  10. Gift Lenders                      
  11. World Top Updates           
  12. Scenario of Life                 
  13. Colossa Umbrella              
  14. Techno Arts                      
  15. World Heritage

Rules Guiding Receiving the Award

I congratulate you guys and wish you all the best. You’ll hopefully continue this cycle by participating. If you wish to agree to your nomination, below are the rules guiding it:

  1. Write a post to show your award to the world
  2. Express your gratitude to the blogger who nominated you and don’t forget to provide a link to their blog.
  3. Provide a brief narrative of how your blog started.
  4. Give three or more pieces of advice to new bloggers
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.
  6. Lastly, let your nominees be aware of their nomination by commenting on their blog post. Notify them and provide the link to your post where they can confirm their nominations.

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