Apple Job Application Through Hidden Codes

Apple Job is all about the recent information reaching us at Mavicare Technology through a code released by Apple. I know that everybody including mavicare are highly dreaming of working with Apple job, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube. Can I say your dream is about to comes true? Let me say yes on a condition. You can, if and only if you can decode this code. Just of recent, Zach Whittaker, editor at ZDNet found Apple’s hidden job listing on one of it’s website. Meanwhile you can be a candidate of Apple job.


The largest technology companies such as Apple, Google and Microsoft are well-known with asking their candidates distinctive questions to answer.

As I said earlier, an editor at ZDNet – Zach Whittaker just found Apple’s hidden job listing in the faithlessness of its site. This hidden job listing I’m talking about from Apple company certifies that they are looking for a “gifted and talented engineer”.

The screenshot below is all about the information.


The message read thus; “Hey there! You found us. We are looking for a talented engineer to develop a critical infrastructure component that is to be a key part of the Apple ecosystem.”

Also, the message reveals the key qualification in the secret Apple page. The applicants should be able to deal with:

  1. Data capacity of Exabyte,
  2. Ten of thousands of servers, and;
  3. Millions of hard drives.

The applicants must have deep experience in designing and implementation of exceedingly salable apps, understanding of Java 8 and familiarity with modern server technologies. Not only these, the applicant needs to have outstanding analytical skills, and lastly, passion for development.

Mind you, the link is now redirecting to error page. The reason behind this is unknown, the link might intentionally removed or due to server error. The main reason is best known to them. Also, there is possibility of web page is now hidden at a new place.

Now, what do you think about this code? Any idea? Share your views in the below comment box. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Dieter

    Interesting read, for sure it is a scratch on the surface what they really tend to do. First you hire an army of psychological genius to create the traps for the candidates. They do the best to get the best, but is it sometimes useful? who knows really, the result shows that actual management in Apple for example is currently really bad

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