Easiest Way To Use WhatsApp On PC


WhatsApp is the most useful messaging application on mobile. It is possible to get WhatsApp on PC and Mac using different methods. Here are the best android apps to use in getting access to WhatsApp on PC or Mac. Your chatting messages will be display on your PC and Mac after following below procedures:

Install WhatsApp on PC and Mac – WhatsApp Web (official manipulation)

WhatsApp Web is an online service that allows you to use WhatsApp on PC and Mac. Since its purchase by Facebook owner (Mark Zuckerberg), many functions have appeared, starting with acknowledgments for the mail.


The advantage of WhatsApp Web is that its implementation is extremely simple: go to the website.whatsapp.com. It tells you what to do. Navigate to your smartphone and open the application. Now enter the options (the three points at the top right) and then look for the WhatsApp Web tab. This will give room to using Whatsapp on PC and MAC.

WhatsApp On PC and MAC: Whatsapp Web En

You must then scan the code with your smartphone. After doing that, your session will automatically open on the website.

WhatsApp On PC and MAC: WhatsApp web Esp

The big fault of WhatsApp Web is that to use it. It is necessary that the application is launch and active on the smartphone. So we cannot use this solution to consult WhatsApp if we run out of battery for example. This is particularly unfortunate for an application that does not allow multi-computing. Therefore, the consultation of the messaging on the smartphone of a friend.

To disconnect, simply click on the three points on the screen and then disconnect.

This trick working pretty on Windows, Mac and Linux (at least on arch and Mint). Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.

Install WhatsApp on PC and Mac – Official WhatsApp software for Windows and Mac

Since mid-May 2016, WhatsApp now offers PC and Mac software. This works in a similar way to the web client WhatsApp. Again, the instructions are explained on the screen. Also go to your smartphone and open the application, enter the options (the three points in the top right). After that, look for the WhatsApp Web tab.

You will need to scan QR code. You must then scan the code with your smartphone. After that, your session will open automatically.

QR Code
QR Scan Code

After the completion of the code scanning, you can access all your conversations.

In concrete terms, the software is the mirror of the mobile version. Photos, videos and voice messages can be sent without any problems, as well as PDF documents. If your computer is equipped with a webcam, it is also possible to use it as a camera.

The software is compatible from Windows 8 and Mac OS X 10.9.


Download WhatsApp on PC and Mac

Install WhatsApp on PC and Mac – Notifications display


Pushbullet is one of those applications that quickly becomes indispensable. It allows you to view all push notifications on your smartphone WhatsApp on PC and Mac. The advantage is that the installation is fast and that Pushbullet works with just about every application.


Unfortunately, the application may cause more than one leak. Just to use it, you have to go through a Facebook account or a Google account. It is useless without creating an account otherwise.

Second negative: if the application is free, access is limited. Also, the user is obliged to pay (about 40 € / year) to be able to use it fully. It is always difficult to make free functions payable. Most of the users are fleeing applications that use this method and generally turn to the competition. That said, not everyone has high expectations and some are happy with it.

To fully utilize Pushbullet, you have to pay about 40 Euros a year

The problem is that as with WhatsApp Web, the smartphone must be turned off and on. Pushbullet, as the name suggests, actually uses the Android API for push notifications. So, it did not work directly with web services. In addition, Pushbullet only allows you to view or share notifications between connected devices, but not to reply to them.

             BASIC PUSH – BULLET            PRO – PUSH BULLET

LINK: Yes                                                     Yes

SEN SENDING FILES: Yes (Max. 25 MB)                                Yes, up to 1 GB

STORAGE SPACE: Yes, 2 GB                                         Yes, 100 GB

TRACKING WITH CHANNELS: Yes                                  Yes

ENDTOEND ENCRYPTION:   Yes                                   Yes

API ACCESS:    Yes                                                        Yes

SENDING MESSAGES: Yes, 100 / month                        Yes, unlimited

MIRRORING PHONE NOTIFICATIONS :Yes                       Yes


COPY / PASTE UNIVERSAL:    No                                    Yes

PRIORITY SUPPORT:   No                                               Yes




If you are not willing to pay, do not worry. You have Pushline, a free alternative very similar to the previous application. It is optimized for mirroring, so you can connect it easily to your chrome browser to receive all notifications. Like Pushbullet, you can use it to send SMS or other messages via instant messaging.


Choose the applications you want to pair with Pushline.

Pushline: Desktop Notifications

Install on Google Play

Install WhatsApp on PC and Mac – Blue Stack App Player

Some of people probably already know BlueStacks and how it works. You will simply install this Android emulator to download and use WhatsApp directly from Google Play. Once you are registered (via your mobile number, see the procedure in this article ), you can use the e-mail service of WhatsApp on PC and Mac in BlueStacks. The interface is exactly the same as on your smartphone. You can use the application’s software keyboard or your computer via keyboard.



You can access many applications via BlueStacks.

You cannot use WhatsApp on two devices at once. And to re-use it on your smartphone, you must uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp application. It seems to be relatively chaotic, and it happens from time to time. In any case, it is more convenient to create a new account of WhatsApp (with a different phone number) for use on your PC and Mac. In view of WhatsApp’s policy, which prohibits the use of another service to access e-mail, it is also safer. The advantage of BlueStacks is that we install WhatsApp on PC or Mac properly. It is used in an emulator, but it is WhatsApp and all its features that welcome us. We can even launch WhatsApp Web from BlueStacks.

The interface of BlueStacks is original and well designed. The black point of BlueStacks is that the application on Windows is heavy and rather greedy in resource. Handymen will also notice that it is a problem to recognize a smartphone.

Have you ever used this method or another one before? Let’s know your favorite method to use WhatsApp on PC and MAC? Is this article helpful?



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  1. Kate

    I actually had no idea you could use WhatsApp on your PC/Mac. This is super helpful and informative. I love WhatsApp, so I’ll definitely give this a try!

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  2. Dieter

    I use Whatsup a lot, but most say the desktop version is not really good to use. If your mobile is not present you can not use it, so WTF is this? You think I need to use it when my phone is present?

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