How To Activate Connection Sharing On Android

How to activate Connection Sharing on Android

Android Connection Sharing is a feature common to all devices. Whether you are at Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Motorola or LG, the principle remains the same and the menu names change very little. Here’s how to create a hotspot on Android.

Connection Sharing
Connection Sharing

First of all, you have surely already come across terms bordering on esotericism such as Tethering or Shared modem. Both of them refer to as the Connection Sharing from your smartphone. Android. In fact, you actually create an access point (WiFi in general, but Bluetooth or USB are possible) to which another device connects.


This hotspot access point is called, its speed depends of course on your connection and your smartphone. Of course, sharing the connection on Samsung Galaxy S6 will be faster than on an old Galaxy Ace. To summarize, your Android smartphone becomes a kind of modem.

How to enable Android Connection Sharing

  1. Go to your Android settings
  2. Select More or Login sharing according to your smartphone (Samsung, HTC, etc.).
  3. Select the corresponding sub-menu: Connection Sharing, WiFi Hotsport, Mobile Access Point or Tethering.
  4. Now you have to choose which method you want to use. Probably WiFi, so click on Mobile WiFi access point.
  5. Click Configure Wi-Fi hotspot to start connection sharing.
  6. Here you can change the network name and password. I advise you to enter an obvious name so that you can find it easily, and a password not too obvious …;) You can change these parameters at any time.
  7. If the device with which you want to share the connection is not able to connect, try changing channels (sometimes awkwardly translated as “string”) in advanced options.


There you go! Connect wirelessly with your computer, tablet or other device. Just treat this new network as usual. Obviously, make sure you have an adequate package. If you launch even one HD video on YouTube, several GB of data can quickly fly away. Updates and downloads of large files are not necessarily indicated. One last thing: plug in your smartphone that shares its connection, its battery will thank you.

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