How To Capture Pictures Of Phone Intruders


Phone intruders pictures are to capturing in a way that will be easier to detect those that tries to enter a phone or your devices illegally. Android device (OS) operating system is widely use in the whole universe. And there are numerous of apps that developed to run on this certain Operating System that makes it more user-friendly. Today we will be discussing on a cool app for android that will make you capture the image of the person who attempts to unlock your android device in your absence.

Steps Involve in Capturing phone intruders picture are:


phone intruders
hidden eye

Step I:

Firstly, you will download and install the app called Hidden Eye.

Step II:

Open the app in your android and you will see the three boxes

Step III:

Now tick the third box there which says “Show Intruders On Unlock” and then click on ok button.

Step IV:

You can also check other options too according to your wish. Make sure that the app gets activate after selecting the option(s).

Step V: 

The last one is that, this app will work for you and when your friends or any phone intruders try to unlock your android then this app will capture his/her picture(s) on your record. During the time you are less busy; you can verify your reports and as well check that of who attempts to disengage your android devices in your nonappearance.

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#2*. Using LockWatch- Thief Catcher

phone intruders
lockwatch thief catcher

Another method to catch phone intruders is by using Lockwatch emails applications, when someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong code. The Lockwatch e-mail embraces a slyness photo in use with the frontage camera and, a map screening the location of your devices.

Step I: First of all, you need to download and install LockWatch on your Android smartphone. Once downloaded, open the app.

Step II: A screen will appear after installation of the app; there you will need to set up a PIN or pattern on your Device. Then enable the option “Send Alert Email”

Step III: Now you will be asked to activate the Lockwatch. You just need to tap on “Activate”button to continue.

Step IV: Now, enter your Email ID under “Emails should be sent to”.

That’s it! You are done, now lock your Android device and try unlocking it with wrong pin or pattern. You will be sent a mail on your mail id which will have the photo as well as the location.

So above is all about how to capture of phone intruders pictures who tries to unlock your phone. Currently, android device is taking care of itself for the period of your nonattendance and will put you in the picture about the personalities who try to disengage your android devices. In addition, this thing can find out huge cases. So must implement this in your android. Hope you like the discussion; don’t forget to share this cool trick with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related query with this.




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